The Holiday Odyssey Interactive Storybook

To fill in the gaps our television campaign left behind, we wrote and illustrated a 50 page interactive children’s book that tells the entire story of The Holiday Odyssey – narrated by Neil Patrick Harris.

We follow Jack, Sophia, Nina, and Bullseye as they adventure across an epic holiday landscape to replace a missing bulb— saving Christmas for an entire world of Toys.

Built as a mobile first experience and executed entirely through HTML, our storybook worked in-browser on any device parents use entertain their kids.

A ton of effort went into making this and I’m insanely
proud that we were able to pull off writing a children’s
story for a brand that is actually appropriate for parents
to read to their kids.

In the end, over 120,000 families spent more than 20,000 hours enjoying our storybook. The average reader spent nearly 8 minutes interacting with our book with 23% of
users completing the full story.

This site was hand coded by me, thanks to codecademy and the awesome community at stackoverflow.